Love Gives

red heart and man hanging drawing


Easter is just four weeks away, when we remember with sorrow and then with joy, the events that took place to fulfil God’s promise that He would save his creation from the path to destruction that they had chosen: Jesus’ last Passover meal with his disciples; Good Friday, when he gave his life as the ultimate sacrifice; and Easter Sunday when he was discovered, no longer buried in a sealed tomb –  but alive!  God so loved the world that he gave Jesus to us.

Jesus so loved the world that he gave his life for us. And when he returned to
the God, he gave us his love in the person of the Holy Spirit to be with us,
giving us his constant guidance. Giving costs but Love continues to give.


Father, when we think of how you loved the world so much
that you were prepared to give your Son
as the sacrifice, the payment for the sin of the world,                                                     
we know that we can only respond
with the deepest gratitude
and a willingness to let his love rule our lives,
so that as your people, we may honour you
and be a blessing to your world.