Our Approach

Our Story

Bringing Faith to Life

Our purpose is to follow the example of Jesus who was revolutionary in his love, a love that accepted, comforted and challenged – all at the same time.

Our Core Beliefs

  • We believe that the Bible is God’s Word: our manual for life on earth and into eternity.
  • We believe that faith in Christ gives us new spiritual life.
  • We believe that our Christian faith is for living, not just for talking about. The Bible says, “Real, living faith is shown in acts of kindness” (James 2:26) and so we aim to express our faith in love, support and friendship.
  • We believe that all members of our church are on an equal footing, with Christ our Head, and with every opportunity to use our God-given gifts and talents for the blessing of others, both within our church and in the wider world.

Meet the Team

We are led by a Lay Leadership Team in regular touch with the congregation. All members are encouraged to offer feedback and suggestions for consideration and putting into action.


Rosemary Schaffler - Lay Pastor

Rosemary was born in South Africa where she taught High School English and studied part time at Rosebank Bible College In Johannesburg.

She spent three years in England and during that time studied part time at the London Bible College, then came with her family to live in Sydney. Here she taught at a large Women’s Bible Study in a local church, before joining Turramurra Community Baptist.

She gained a Graduate Diploma in Christian Counselling at Morling College  and practised as a Christian Counsellor for several years. During that period, she was invited to lead Turramurra Baptist Church as a Lay Pastor and has continued in that role, running a popular Playgroup and a Seniors’ Group as well.

Rosemary has a family of four adult children – and eight grandchildren, lots of life experience and a passion for helping people to experience a living and joyful faith. In her spare time you’ll probably find her in the garden.

The News Is Good

We would love for you to enjoy a Sunday morning service with us.

Take an hour out of your busy life.
Feel the peace.
Make new friends.