Early On the First Day

photography of clouds and forest trees


This truly is the Day of days! The poet John Donne expressed it perfectly:
“Death, be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so.
One short sleep past, and we wake eternally.
And Death shall be no more: Death, thou shalt die!”

Jesus’ rising from the dead carries the wonderful promise that we have new life to look forward to, not only after this life on earth is over, but in a spiritual dimension during this life that brings with it a new and lasting joy and peace.

May this be a truly happy day for you and those you love.


Lord God, early in the morning, when the world was young,
you made life in all its beauty; you gave birth to all that we know.
Hallowed be your name.

Early in the morning, when the world least expected it,
a newborn child crying in a cradle announced that you had come to us, that you were one of us.
Hallowed be your name.

.Early in the morning, surrounded by respectable religious leaders, anxious statesmen and silent friends,
you accepted the penalty for doing good, for being God:
you shouldered and suffered the cross.
Hallowed be your name.

Early in the morning, a voice in a guarded graveyard
proved that you had risen,
that you had come to those and for those
who had forgotten, denied and destroyed you.
Hallowed be your name.

This morning, in the multi-coloured company of your Church
Here on earth and in heaven, we celebrate your creation,
your life, your death and resurrection, your love for us.
So we pray for our world, our families and friend, ourselves:
Lord, bring new life where we are worn and tired;
new love where we have turned hard-hearted;
Forgiveness, where we have caused pain;
And the joy and freedom of your Spirit
To take us forward into all that you have for us.

To all and to each, Jesus pronounces his pardon
and grants us the right to begin again.