Sunday Service

We aim to make the hour from 10-11am on Sunday mornings a relaxing and uplifting time when you can take a deep breath, be aware of God’s presence and your own spiritual nature.

Morning Tea

Tea, coffee and cake after our service are an important feature of Sunday mornings. It’s a good opportunity to meet new people and to catch up with friends.

Lunch Together

Once a term we enjoy lunch together. There is always a great spread and extended time for families to relax and chat.



We include Communion in our regular service on the first Sunday of the month. This is an informal memorial of the Last Supper, as Jesus asked his followers to do. In fact, the only thing Jesus ever asked for himself is that we remember him. So our Communion has time for brief meditation of remembrance and prayer on the significance for us today of that symbolic meal that Jesus led his disciples in on the night before he died. All who are on the faith journey are invited to take part.

Communion may mean different things to different people – this is what symbols always allow – but the common thread is a sense of connection with the love of God as shown to us by Jesus and a connection with each other, since Communion is never a memorial in isolation from others.

The News is Good

Take an hour out of your busy life.
Feel the peace.
Make new friends.

Our prayer is that you will leave refreshed, knowing on some new level that God loves you, and committed to being the hands and feet that carry love into our world.