True Love

love one another chalk written on concrete floor


The Apostle John writes his first letter to some of the earliest followers of Jesus,  to those who are growing in maturity in faith – and to us today – passing on and stressing the truth that their new lives are characterised by love. This is the experience of God’s love; of looking at ourselves in the mirror and reminding ourselves: “You are deeply loved by God.” John reminds them – and us – “Your sins are forgiven”. And that’s in the present continuous tense.

He shifts our perspective from the things of the world that so easily distract us and weary us, instead encouraging us to live each day as if our last. And he uses a word that we don’t often use: “abide”. That is, “continue, dwell in, stand firm, remain faithful to, act upon; and also “wait for, encounter, sustain, submit to.”  

And then there’s “God’s abiding love”- a love that does not change, no matter what: an enduring, fervent outpouring to us as we put our trust in the King of Love, Jesus our tender shepherd.


Open my eyes, Lord, to see who I can help,
Open my ears, Lord to be willing to listen,
Open my hands, Lord, to reach out, to help, to hold, to carry,
Open my heart, Lord, to give compassion,
Open my deepest self to You, Lord Jesus.