Were You There?

brown concrete building during night time


We think today of how, Jesus, the man who lived God’s love like no other, allowed himself to be put to death by crucifixion, the cruel Roman form of death sentence. “Good Friday” really means “God Friday”, because Jesus, the man who died, was also the Son of God.

The entire Bible is about God connecting with us, his creation, through Jesus, the Son.

The New Testament is about the life of Jesus and the shockwaves that followed from his death and resurrection. He lived a life like ours, with its joys and sorrows, but without sin, to do what no one else could achieve: die for all creation, so that we might begin to understand our true spirituality: connection with the Spirit of Love.

This is why today is also “Good Friday”: good for all the world, because, as we sing: “He only could unlock the gate of heaven and let us in.”

Good Friday is a sombre, sorrowful day, but we know what the disciples and Jesus’ mother did not know: there’s a new day coming and on the third day, Easter Sunday, we’ll be celebrating new life, now and into eternity.


Jesus, you died for us with arms outstretched on a cross:
We pray for our world, where you suffer still
with those who are suffering.

You died for us, falsely accused, mocked and condemned to death:
We pray for all who lead the nations,
those who make and administer laws,
for all who are denied justice.

You died for us, denied, deserted and rejected by those you loved:
We pray for all who feel the hurt of rejected love,
the pain of betrayal and abandonment.

You died for us to show your great love for all people:
We pray for those in sickness, sorrow, grief or pain.
You died to show your love for all people
Who live and work in our community,
our families and friends and all whom we love.

You died for us with arms outstretched upon a cross:
With the women who loved you and ministered to you
and with the disciple whom you loved.
May we stand with you this day.